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About Us

We leverage innovative methods, a collaborative approach, and graphic design to deliver actionable market research insights, all while maintaining our industry-leading quality and client service standards

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Reason Research provides full-service market research services to pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostics clients. Our expertise spans custom quantitative and qualitative methodologies, in the US and globally, with physicians, other healthcare providers and patients. Reason Research performs study design, analysis and reporting in-house and works with a network of trusted partners for translations, recruiting and data collection.

Reason Research has a 20 year track record of delighting clients. We love market research and we are passionate about delivering the insights our clients need to succeed. We want to get to know our clients and their business well, and to develop a long-term relationship based on outstanding performance. Our goal is to become a trusted partner to each and every client.


Most of our work is quantitative, and our sweet spot is tracking research, but we also conduct qualitative research. We custom design the methodology best-suited for each individual project, quantitative, qualitative or a hybrid approach (no hidden “black box” solutions).

Some of our research specializations to support our client's assets throughout the brand lifetime include:

Launch ATU Tracking

From pre-launch to market maturity, ATU tracking that evolves in-step with business needs to optimize sales and marketing strategy

SFE & Message Recall Tracking

Sales rep assessment and recall of brand messages among recently detailed physicians to evaluate sales force execution and message resonance

Program/Campaign Effectiveness

Diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of a campaign or support program and track improvements and impact

Impact Assessment

Identify the expected impact of a market event so you can be proactive in refining your strategy

Conjoint Studies

Estimate market demand for a TPP under a variety of configurations

Market Landscape Assessment

Gain a robust understanding of your therapeutic area’s market landscape to inform product launch strategy, evaluate inline product potential or assess acquisition opportunities


Physician or patient segmentation based on demographic, attitudinal & behavioral variables to identify optimal targets, messaging and positioning strategies

Message Testing

Hybrid blend of quantitative and qualitative methods to identify the most compelling individual brand messages and the arrangement that delivers the best overarching story

Multi-Channel Feedback

Synthesis of Internal and External feedback to provide a holistic understanding of market and brand opportunities

Patient Research

Understand patients' disease experience, emotional and practical needs, awareness, perceptions & use of current treatments and reactions to potential new treatment options

Why Choose Us?

Market leader in client service

Experts at developing and maintaining therapeutic knowledge

Relationships with recruiting partners who can reach hard-to-recruit specialties

Focus on client relationships, not sales

Deeper levels of data analysis and insight mining

Innovative data analysis and reporting software to deliver results quickly

Impactful design-driven deliverables

Certified for ISO 20252:2019 quality standard


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